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Live Performance @The Confetti Club w/ Ali Brustofski & Our Band

What up everyone so I recently had a performance in Randolph, New Jersey at the Confetti Club with my good friend, the beautiful Ali Brustofski.  Now this performance was one of my greatest experiences while performing.  There are different types of things I want to do as an artist performing.  Now this show fulfilled one of the things on my list and that was to perform with a live band.  I wont lie the place wasn’t jam packed from front to back  but just being able to perform my record with a live band was such a memorable moment in my career. I feel like im evolving as an artist and I feel great about it. Its so easy for anyone to turn on a instrumental of their beat or just play the record and rap or sing over it but to put everything together from scratch I think shows alot to the viewers observing. 

If i were to mess up it wouldve been all on me. One wrong bang of the drum wuldve been all on the drummer. The keyboard player hittin wrong keys at the wrong time wouldve been terrible.  But we honestly knocked this show out with 1 day of rehersal. Im proud to say that my team and the people around me are all working so hard and i am blessed to be surrounded by them.  So I hope everyone enjoys my performance. Take Care and enjoy the rest of your day.


Ipods are Dope

I disagree with this article on ipods. I think ipods are great inventions.  People who highly dislike hearing the noise of anothers headphones need to just deal with it.  Ipods may destroy communication skills of individuals but what does that matter.  If a person simply just does not want to speak to another then isnt that his or her own decision.  There are times when people are commuting and an ipod is a form of entertainment.  People keep to themselves because in public places what right do they have trying to bother the next person who may not want to even speak period. 

Think about it this way for the women, i know many women who listen to their ipods so they wont hear any creeps whistling at them or telling them to come over here and they are this and that.  This is a great tool to use to zone people out.  As  for the men I dont think there is any specific reason to why the ipod could work in our advantage but what i do know is that we have a great time listening to the ipod. HaHa I have an ipod and i listen to it at all times unless i am with friends. 

But if im goings somewhere on my own then i will definately have the ipod earphones in my ears at maximum volume.  If someone wants to speak to me i simply take the earphones out and respond.  If people are skeptical on whether or not to approach me to speak to me then that is their problem not mine.  Im always ready to conversate.  I just dont enjoy conversation as much when I just want to get where im going.  But i will stop and communicate with others. 

Indie Rock

Indie Rock music is made for the listeners who respect and appreciate music.  I like to think of it as real raw music.  No mixing board is used to tried to make the music sound pretty.  What you hear is what you get. Raw Talent.  Indie Rock musicians try to stay away from all major labels in any way possible.  They manage their own careers and make the most respected rock music in the industry.  Indie Rock can be identified in many different ways.

The music recordings are always Lo Fi.  These indie rock bands are financially independent. They are garage bands. Indie rock bands wear vintage shirts and baggy dirty run down clothing.  The hair style is all messy and greasy looking.  It’s a lifestyle!   These bands also have peircings, tattoos, go on college tours, do small bar performances and are mostly broke.  They work to support their musical careers.  I respect indie rock bands and artists in general because they put their all into their music no matter what the outcome will be.

Live Performance of “None of That” & Black and Yellow Freestyle” by myself, Bize

I performed this past Saturday at The Nine Lounge in Queens, New York.  This is my style of performance in a club atmosphere.  After listening and watching me present my “Style of Performance” presentation; what kind of style of performance am I using?

Click Here to View Live Performance by myself, Bize or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sm-So1Ug-8s


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Hip Hop – Rose,Fuchs,Woldu

These articles all focused on something very important in music from three different aspects.  Rose spoke about crews in hip hop.  Dance crews, Graffiti crews and Dj and Artists crews  are among some of the main crews in hip hop.  Being in a crew is a way to show you are in a family and you have support behind you.   We even still see it today and we should all know from history that crews are the most successful.  A crew or group will always be accepted by the public alot easier and faster then a solo artist.  When people see someone in a crew it shows that you have people behind you which support you and have faith in everything that you are doing.

Which leads me to Fuchs writing an article on Jay-Z.  Jay-Z came into the music industry with a crew called Rocafella.  However this isnt the main point of her article.  We see that Jay-Z is the perfect example of “From Rags to Riches”.  Jay-Z is someone which represents the stuggle, the hustle, the street life, and everything that people dream of.  He gives people hope that are growing up the way he did.  He pays respects to where he came from everysingle record he raps on.  He is the perfect example of rags to riches when you see him in baggy clothes with big jewelry to dress clothes and a business suit owning corporations.  He represents what alot of people come from and what mostly all dream of.

Now women in Hip Hop are discussed in the Woldu article.   The word “Bitch” is the main point in this article.  People say the word in different ways to mean something different.  I think a female in Hip Hop calling herself a “Bad Bitch” or others calling her a “Bad Bitch” is a way of saying the female is in charge.  It is making a statement.  Males rappers have called women “Bitches” in the worst ways possible.  Women took the term and ran with it in hip hop.   If a woman walked up to me and told me she was a “bad bitch” I personally think i would be a little intimidated.  So more power to those woman who run the Hip Hop game.

Glam Rock and Punk

Glam Rock was defined by David Bowie.  He pushed the limits and didnt care what anyone else thought.  After reading this article on Bowie, they made him out to be the ultimate entertainer.  Bowies management said “the trick was to treat Bowie as a star even if nobody knew he was yet.”  I think this was a brilliant marketing plan.  If you tell people he is a star they will have no choice but to start believing what they hear.

Going along with the “glam” part of glam rock is the fact that Bowie was a bisexual.  During interviews he would avoid the questions though.  Although just looking at him you would already be able to tell from the style of clothing and hair color and make up worn.  This may have been another way of marketing.  As long as people are talking about you then you are doing your job.  By being so flambouyant but never coming out and admitting to being bi sexual he was making everyone curious.

Bowie was the ultimate entertainer that covers all fields we were told.  Although Bowie was a rock musician he personally saw himself as an actor and wanted to do film.  I read “no one surpassed Bowie as a gender bender” and “nor has anyone surpassed him as an artist model.” He is someone kids would look at and wish they could be like, in some aspect.  Bowie pushed the limits.

Available now on iTunes!! Bize, ft.Ali Brustofski – Walk With Me

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I’ve been waiting for this moment for my whole life to say i have a record for sale and here it is “Walk With Me” by myself ft. Ali Brustofski

Click here or above on the cover to preview and purchase my first iTunes single “Walk With Me” by myself ft. Allison Brustofski


Thank you for the love and support



For my presention I have chose the topic “Hip Hop Music”.  Myself and Michael Tableman will give you a history of the urban hip hop industry from the beginning of its existence to the present day artists.  We will point out the music icons in the hip hop part of the music industry and there achievements and the roles each played in music.  We will end our presentation with a performance by myself while Tableman Dj’s my 1 song set.  This is to show the class how music evolved from the beginning to where we are at right now. 

Millard 10

So far this chapter which Millard wrote was probably the most interesting chapter Ive read this semester for this class.  I say this just because I am into music recording and the technology.  The way music sounds now days and microphones and having the right speakers is very important to a person in the industry of recording.  Quality is everything. You can have a great song with bad quality and it would be something i just wouldnt like to listen to.

After reading this chapter you see the evolution of portable music.  Millard spoke on the growth in sound quality due to certain advancements. From walkmans to boom boxes to cd players to stereos to speakers to high quality microphones to ipods,cell phones,various mp3 players etc.  Everything progressed even features on some of the specific products.   As time passes we see that these portable devices for listening to music just became more and more advance. 

If you look at devices to listen to music today not only do they play music but they also play video games, music videos and movies. As the years progress the smaller these devices also get.  Most people want a product which isn’t big a bulky and a hassle to carry around.  They want something small and convenient that will fit in a pocket which plays good quality music.  Although mp3 music is horrible.


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