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Millard 10

So far this chapter which Millard wrote was probably the most interesting chapter Ive read this semester for this class.  I say this just because I am into music recording and the technology.  The way music sounds now days and microphones and having the right speakers is very important to a person in the industry of recording.  Quality is everything. You can have a great song with bad quality and it would be something i just wouldnt like to listen to.

After reading this chapter you see the evolution of portable music.  Millard spoke on the growth in sound quality due to certain advancements. From walkmans to boom boxes to cd players to stereos to speakers to high quality microphones to ipods,cell phones,various mp3 players etc.  Everything progressed even features on some of the specific products.   As time passes we see that these portable devices for listening to music just became more and more advance. 

If you look at devices to listen to music today not only do they play music but they also play video games, music videos and movies. As the years progress the smaller these devices also get.  Most people want a product which isn’t big a bulky and a hassle to carry around.  They want something small and convenient that will fit in a pocket which plays good quality music.  Although mp3 music is horrible.

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  1. The one thing I found interesting about this chapter was the fact that the technology was their long before the “revolution of sound” it just took a specific event to catalyze the mass producing of the technology. To me, the only thing that upsets me,and is true with any medium,is the fact that big business ultimatley controls everything. The technology was their for the innovations and advancements in sound recording technology it was just a battle for what business will get the patent and come out on top. It took the biggest and worst war, WWII to happen in order for sound recording music to take its next leap. To me that is a big issue, and not only does this happen in this industry but it basically happens with any medium. BIG BUSINESS in a sense controls everything from media, to politics. When can we as a society break away from their iron grasp and do things on our own? As history repeats itself over and over again, I can not answer that question, but maybe you have some ideas as to how?

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