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Glam Rock and Punk

Glam Rock was defined by David Bowie.  He pushed the limits and didnt care what anyone else thought.  After reading this article on Bowie, they made him out to be the ultimate entertainer.  Bowies management said “the trick was to treat Bowie as a star even if nobody knew he was yet.”  I think this was a brilliant marketing plan.  If you tell people he is a star they will have no choice but to start believing what they hear.

Going along with the “glam” part of glam rock is the fact that Bowie was a bisexual.  During interviews he would avoid the questions though.  Although just looking at him you would already be able to tell from the style of clothing and hair color and make up worn.  This may have been another way of marketing.  As long as people are talking about you then you are doing your job.  By being so flambouyant but never coming out and admitting to being bi sexual he was making everyone curious.

Bowie was the ultimate entertainer that covers all fields we were told.  Although Bowie was a rock musician he personally saw himself as an actor and wanted to do film.  I read “no one surpassed Bowie as a gender bender” and “nor has anyone surpassed him as an artist model.” He is someone kids would look at and wish they could be like, in some aspect.  Bowie pushed the limits.

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~ by theblog on November 14, 2010.

3 Responses to “Glam Rock and Punk”

  1. I completely agree with everything Bize is saying in this post. Bowie was the ultimate entertainer which is why he is still around today. He sells out concerts in minutes and is one of the most famous rock and roll artist around. Him and his marketing teamrealized early what was going to make him famous and how to be succesful. He his used glamour and flamour and rode it straight to the top. We live in an era where it is acceptable to bisexual it also helped in his record sales. He was extremely flambouyant but that was what defined him.

  2. It’s no question that two heads are better than one. I completely agree that coming out in an industry where competition is the name of the game, having a crew can make it so much easier. When you think about it, some of the most successful artist in the game or that were in the game came from a crew or a group. A perfect example of this is Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Nikki Minaj, and Bobby Brown just to name a few. Now that I think about it, perhaps if I had a crew maybe, just maybe, I too would of already been a successful artist in the music industry.

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