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Hip Hop – Rose,Fuchs,Woldu

These articles all focused on something very important in music from three different aspects.  Rose spoke about crews in hip hop.  Dance crews, Graffiti crews and Dj and Artists crews  are among some of the main crews in hip hop.  Being in a crew is a way to show you are in a family and you have support behind you.   We even still see it today and we should all know from history that crews are the most successful.  A crew or group will always be accepted by the public alot easier and faster then a solo artist.  When people see someone in a crew it shows that you have people behind you which support you and have faith in everything that you are doing.

Which leads me to Fuchs writing an article on Jay-Z.  Jay-Z came into the music industry with a crew called Rocafella.  However this isnt the main point of her article.  We see that Jay-Z is the perfect example of “From Rags to Riches”.  Jay-Z is someone which represents the stuggle, the hustle, the street life, and everything that people dream of.  He gives people hope that are growing up the way he did.  He pays respects to where he came from everysingle record he raps on.  He is the perfect example of rags to riches when you see him in baggy clothes with big jewelry to dress clothes and a business suit owning corporations.  He represents what alot of people come from and what mostly all dream of.

Now women in Hip Hop are discussed in the Woldu article.   The word “Bitch” is the main point in this article.  People say the word in different ways to mean something different.  I think a female in Hip Hop calling herself a “Bad Bitch” or others calling her a “Bad Bitch” is a way of saying the female is in charge.  It is making a statement.  Males rappers have called women “Bitches” in the worst ways possible.  Women took the term and ran with it in hip hop.   If a woman walked up to me and told me she was a “bad bitch” I personally think i would be a little intimidated.  So more power to those woman who run the Hip Hop game.

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~ by theblog on November 22, 2010.

3 Responses to “Hip Hop – Rose,Fuchs,Woldu”

  1. I agree that Jay-Z is the perfect model for success. But I feel that what he did isn’t the most easiest things to do. Many rappers will not reach his status, both in the music industry and in the media in general. So to those who match or come close to “Jay-Z status”, I say congratulations.

  2. I really understood the meaning of the DJ and artists crews from your presentation in class. You explained the importance of this relationship, the way you use each other as support, as well as a tool to keep the crowd’s attention. I never realized the power of this relationship, if you and your DJ don’t mesh then your entire performance could be off and ultimately fail. You must have faith in each other and with that you are able to help the others talents shine.

  3. Ok. I do see your point of the “Bad Bitch” but it seems like now a day every word that use to be offensive or has true meaning is turned into some slang. I was raised up in another culture for example if you call a woman a bitch its exactly what it means a dog (a manngy dog). Another one is the N word where I’m from you call somebody that black/white you will get chopped. When I moved up here it was a culture shock to me. I actually cussed a girl out for saying “yo my N***” but I had to learn that its a normal thing up here. I’m just saying certain words should remain as they are and we should create new ones like weezy came up with bling bling. “Bad Bitches” should call themselves “Queen” or “Royal” something of power. Even Oprah can work lolol “I’m a bad Oprah”.

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