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Indie Rock

Indie Rock music is made for the listeners who respect and appreciate music.  I like to think of it as real raw music.  No mixing board is used to tried to make the music sound pretty.  What you hear is what you get. Raw Talent.  Indie Rock musicians try to stay away from all major labels in any way possible.  They manage their own careers and make the most respected rock music in the industry.  Indie Rock can be identified in many different ways.

The music recordings are always Lo Fi.  These indie rock bands are financially independent. They are garage bands. Indie rock bands wear vintage shirts and baggy dirty run down clothing.  The hair style is all messy and greasy looking.  It’s a lifestyle!   These bands also have peircings, tattoos, go on college tours, do small bar performances and are mostly broke.  They work to support their musical careers.  I respect indie rock bands and artists in general because they put their all into their music no matter what the outcome will be.

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~ by theblog on December 13, 2010.

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  1. Indie Rock are the people who do it for the love of the music who are taking control of their dream and making their own chances. It is a common belief that people who do Indie Rock are loners. Not all their and some people even belief they are kind of dumb. Why are they kind of dumb. Because they arent playing the safe card that most people play. They are taking a risk possibly the biggest one they will ever take as individuals. They would say they were sane not normal. Well normal people seldom make histroy. And if it wasnt for insanity we wouldn’t have some of the great things we have today. Insanity is doing thje same thing over and over again and expecting a different out come. You can label the Indie rock genre as insane because there are thousands of Indie Rock bands and not many make it. They can be said for the music industry and the entertainment industry in general. But it is their desire and determination and want of their dream that motivates them. I have a great respect for these Indie groups

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