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Ipods are Dope

I disagree with this article on ipods. I think ipods are great inventions.  People who highly dislike hearing the noise of anothers headphones need to just deal with it.  Ipods may destroy communication skills of individuals but what does that matter.  If a person simply just does not want to speak to another then isnt that his or her own decision.  There are times when people are commuting and an ipod is a form of entertainment.  People keep to themselves because in public places what right do they have trying to bother the next person who may not want to even speak period. 

Think about it this way for the women, i know many women who listen to their ipods so they wont hear any creeps whistling at them or telling them to come over here and they are this and that.  This is a great tool to use to zone people out.  As  for the men I dont think there is any specific reason to why the ipod could work in our advantage but what i do know is that we have a great time listening to the ipod. HaHa I have an ipod and i listen to it at all times unless i am with friends. 

But if im goings somewhere on my own then i will definately have the ipod earphones in my ears at maximum volume.  If someone wants to speak to me i simply take the earphones out and respond.  If people are skeptical on whether or not to approach me to speak to me then that is their problem not mine.  Im always ready to conversate.  I just dont enjoy conversation as much when I just want to get where im going.  But i will stop and communicate with others. 

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~ by theblog on December 14, 2010.

3 Responses to “Ipods are Dope”

  1. I agree with you. Ipods rock and if someone wants to listen to their Ipod and not communicate it shouldn’t be a problem. I know people who listen to their Ipods to calm themselves down. So Ipods can also help in some cases.

  2. Like Adrianne, I do feel nostalgia for the days when music felt a bit more communal– there are so few public spaces where music can connect us anymore. But you point out some very important social ways the iPod can aid us– diverting creeps is a big one!

  3. Brandon,
    I agree with what you had to say about women and iPods. One of the reasons why i enjoy listening to my iPod is to zone people out in the train/buses and definitely men! I do not want to hear some random guy hitting on me, and if he does i wont be listening and would not care. iPods have pros and cons, and one of the pros from having an iPod is blocking unwanted conversation. You can easily interact with people online, jobs, school ect. but people hardly ever interact or form a random conversation on the train/bus. People are usually rude anyway, and what is the best way to avoid them? Listening to your iPod.

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